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Answers to FAQs

What is a Direct Pay Clinic (DPC) model?

A practice model (in this case internal medicine provider) where we do not collect any re-imbursement from insurance. The patient care decisions are made at the patient-provider level without interference from insurance and administration. The access is unlimited for provider visits. We can focus more of our time and expertise on patient care because we do not have to manage paperwork and complexity that comes with a traditional practice. We offer price transparency and work with community partners to provide cash prices for labs, imaging, consultant visits, etc. wherever possible.

How does this differ from a concierge practice?

The biggest difference is the cost. Concierge providers frequently also charge insurance and the patient. Concierge providers sometimes travel with patients or go to their homes. We offer flexibility to allow for phone calls, emails, texts, telehealth in addition to in office visits to best suit your lifestyle. The panel size with DPC (400-600 patients) typically is a little larger than a concierge provider (20-250 patients). Compare that to a traditional practice can carry as many as 4000 patients per doctor.

For insured patients - you don't bill their insurance?

Correct. Upon request we can provide copies of your receipts and provider notes that include billing ICD-10 codes. If you wish to use your insurance for your primary care we recommend you research on the insurance website for providers that accept your plan. Since we do not bill insurance, we do not need to verify insurance to see you. We do not look into your income level/ IRS information/ credit scores. We do however need valid contact information so we can reach you about test results, follow-up, etc. related to your medical care.

What payment types are accepted?

Check and credit card are accepted forms of payment either for in-office dispensed medications, medical supplies, or for subscription dues. The patient portal is a great way to submit payment and set up for automated payments to make sure your account always stays current. We do not keep any cash on premises.

When do you bill?

Your first month will be the initial fee.

  • $180 for the individual plan
  • $170 per person for the family plan

After that, the recurring bill is due by the 10th of the month.

  • $80 for the individual plan
  • $70 per person for the family plan

If you are on autopay, you will be billed before the 10th of the month. Quarterly/Bi-annual/Annual billing will also bill by the 10th of the month on the month due. For handling of delinquent accounts, please see the patient contract.

How can your office staff be reached?

During office hours (Mon-Thur 9A-5P) you may reach us by email or via phone. After hours, you may leave a voicemail/email and we will follow-up with you - in almost every case the next business day. If there is an emergency that cannot wait until that time, please go to the nearest ER. Please note we are closed most major holidays.

How do I make an appointment?

You may make a request through the patient app (we will have clinic appointment availability listed) or you may call 702-305-3293 or email info@HendersonIM.com about an appointment request.

How do I request records?

Contact us via phone 702-305-3293 or email info@HendersonIM.com to submit a request.

What types of medications/ medical equipment will your clinic dispense?

We will be dispensing only non-controlled substance medications at our office. We do not keep any controlled substance medications on premises. The medications and medical equipment we carry is not exhaustive but if there is a recurring patient need we are happy to look into expanding our available medications and medical equipment to meet our patients' needs. This is a service intended to help save patients' money and provide convenience.

How do I make a medication refill request?

You make a request thru the office by calling 702-305-3293 or via email info@HendersonIM.com. Alternatively, if your medication was dispensed by our clinic and has a QR code on the label you may scan the label to submit a request for refill. If an appointment or labs are needed before we can refill the medication, we will let you know and provide a bridge prescription until that visit if possible. Requests can take 3-4 business days. Please plan accordingly! Especially if we are coming up on a weekend or holiday.

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